Paid Promotion

Performance Driven Paid Media

When you analyse effectively, find the right keywords, and target the right audience, PPC marketing delivers massive returns. You can’t let your PPC campaigns just tick along, it is so much bigger than that, and that’s why you need an experienced agency to take your online presence to the next level and ultimately grow your business through a tailored marketing strategy. We’ll carry out initial market research to fully scope your campaign. We will provide in-depth analysis to ensure your ads are displaying for the right keywords and ensure you are getting the right visitors to your website, at the right time.

A Paid Strategy Pays Off…

01. Account Audits

Before we start any Social Media marketing activity, it’s important for us to understand your business and what you’re hoping to achieve. Before we start our campaigns we'll create a social strategy that works to your objectives and makes things clear on what we’ll deliver.

02. Google Shopping

Taking into consideration your overall marketing objectives, we will audit competitor social media channels to find out the who, what, where and when behind your potential social media community. Our research will allow us to position you on the most suitable media channel for your brand.

03. Display

We will be responsible for the day-to-day management of your social media channels posting brand content, sharing third-party news and industry related content and promoting products and services. Our content strategy will ensure that your brand has an active community of users ready to engage with your brand across social media.

04. Video

We are firm believers that all content must have a purpose, therefore we will work with you to form a campaign plan to tell your brand's story, whether it’s through one-off posts or a series. Content can include anything from seasonal offers and blogs, all the way through to influencer marketing activity and video production.

A Data Driven Approach

- Bolster Awareness

Your ad copy and creative needs to cut through the noise to get your ads seen. We’ll make sure your ads are highly relevant to your audience and consistently tested and refined to not only increase your visibility, but crucially your profitability.

- Increase Revenue

We will ensure that your paid media strategy quite literally pays off, taking your business to the next level. We’ll drive revenue through targeted PPC campaigns, supporting other channels to drive sales.

- Pinpoint Customers

By finding the right mix of positive and negative keywords that offer high user intent, we aim to reach the right customers at the right time. Whether your website is ecommerce or enquiry based, the visitors being driven to your website will be highly targeted, quality leads from a trusted traffic source.

- Continued Flexibility

We’ll be constantly refining your campaigns, improving them periodically based on what your data is telling us. Through regular bid management we’ll make certain there’ll be no overspending on keywords.

- Google Partners

We have demonstrated to Google our expertise and have been awarded with Partner status. This means that we have shown Google we can grow businesses by meeting their rigorous requirements and completing challenging exams.

- Measurable Results

The data generated through managed PPC campaigns will provide insight into the results your Adspend delivers. Tracking traffic from the moment someone clicks on your website through to landing page conversion using Google Analytics allows you to see actual return on your investment.

- Fast Entry

PPC gets you online visibility, and quickly. Even if you’re behind your competitors in adopting a PPC strategy, our team can get you up and running overnight. Even better, once you’ve established market presence, you can continue to build on this by increasing and optimising your budget.

- Highly Targeted

The different tactics available within PPC activity allow granular targeting based on past behaviours, location, demographics and even technology used by your customers. This level of targeting helps develop a much better chance of conversion and a better optimised account for future paid search marketing efforts.