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Search Engine Optimization

Climbing the Ranks

Search engines are constantly evolving. Competition increases, guidelines become more technical, and page one search rankings become more difficult to achieve. BottleCap Technologies's holistic search engine optimisation services are your guide through this ever-changing marketing landscape. With our technical experience, your site’s credibility and visibility are all but assured. Trust our experts. We’ll take you where you need to be. Organic search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process improving your position in the non-paid search listings. The end result of this process is a higher position, increased visibility, and a far better chance of a conversion or a sale.

Design Methodology

01. Technical SEO

The foundation of any SEO service is making sure the search engines can read (crawl) and rank (index) your website. Without firming up your technical foundations, your whole strategy is on shaky ground. After all, if Google can’t find your site, what chance do your customers have?

02. On-site Optimisation

It’s one thing to have an idea. It’s another thing to bring it to life. Our designers will formulate a unique visual language that encompasses your ideas and shows exactly what you’re all about.

03. Off-site Optimisation

Chances are, you’re entering a crowded marketplace. Before our designers lift a finger, we need to understand where you fit in. By researching the needs of your customers and the efforts of your competitors, we’ll find your niche.

No.1 Ranking

- Link Building

Whether on a business card or a panel van, your logo is your company’s visual signature. We’ll make sure that when it’s seen, it’s remembered.

- Content Marketing (Onsite)

Ever felt blue? Colours influence moods, and selecting the right colour scheme for your brand means we’ll gently steer your customers into the correct state of mind.

- Outreach Marketing (Offsite)

Whether you have a fleet of vehicles or you need trade information on the side of a truck, we have the experience to help you get noticed.

- Keyword Mapping

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. By perfecting your brand’s tone of voice, we’ll ensure that your personality and values always shine through.

- Conversion Reporting

Graphic design doesn’t stop when the text starts. The correct typography will cement your identity and tone in your client’s mind, helping them to engage with your message.

- Sustainability

A picture can be worth a thousand words, and the right image in the right place can be worth a thousand sales. We’ll make sure every picture gives the correct first impression.

- Value

Whether on your customers’ screens, or in the palms of their hands, your brand needs to be everywhere. Thanks to the hard work of our designers and our network of suppliers, we’ll ensure a consistent brand experience in every medium. From printed brochures, to vehicle livery and promotional items, your brand won’t just be a concept. It’ll be tangible proof of who you are.

- Credibility

Your brand’s big idea is only as good as the execution. Without a consistent approach, your carefully crafted personality will soon fall apart. We’ll guide your in-house marketing teams. Every pitch you produce will be an integrated part of your overall strategy. In short, we’ll make sure your new personality delivers results.